California DMV Power of Attorney

The California DMV Power of Attorney form (official name is REG 260) is a legal agreement that enables a person to transfer certain rights regarding his or her motor vehicle to another person.

If a person feels the need to ensure the safe and sound future of their automobile, they may obtain or create this form and hand over the Power of Attorney to somebody loyal.

The person permitted to make decisions on the principal’s behalf is known officially as an attorney-in-fact but more generally referred to as the “agent,” just like with the other types of the California POA documents.

Since personal transport is licensed separately in each state, the California governing board for motor vehicles has standardized what can be claimed with a DMV POA form and how to set this document up successfully.

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Agent’s Authority

An agent gets the right with this form to make or refuse decisions regarding any vehicular property of the principle. This is the key element. They may put up for rent and negotiate charges of the vehicles with any client in California.

The agent can also sell the subject’s car if they are provided that authority in the agreement. There is no bar on expanding their contacts and even starting a new legally approved business with the principal’s car. They may even decide to go about servicing and performing specific changes with the car’s features.

This form specifies the auto insurance policy and safety securities imposed on the vehicle would also be delegated to the agent. This makes the agent liable to receive and alter the whole amount insured on the principal’s vehicle when it is subjected to severe damage cases.

But according to the car insurance policy, this form would allow the agent to get the whole amount only in the principal’s absence. If the principal already has an automobile business, for example, runs buses and trucks across the city, they need to apply for this DMV Power of Attorney form under a special category.

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Requirements and conditions

In case of the principal’s death, the Power of Attorney would be rescinded immediately from the agent. A person may also sign up to two agents, but only the primary agent would be applicable to take action according to this form. The secondary agent might be passed on the power if the first appointee becomes incapable or otherwise cannot fulfill their obligation.

The application procedure is straightforward, and every adult (18 years old or older) who owns at least one motor vehicle is eligible to apply.

This form specifically can be downloaded from the official website of California DMV, while other versions of the Power of Attorney can have a stipulation to cover both commercial and private vehicles. Even the Financial Power of Attorney form or the Durable Power of Attorney can be used and signed in the presence of a notary public. Along with the in-person acquisition of the agent, two witnesses of legal age are required.

Once this agreement is fulfilled, the original copy of the form should be kept in a safe place with the principal to avoid any forgery or fraud. Photocopies are to be placed with the agent always because they may be asked for a license while making legal decisions regarding the motor vehicles owned by the principal.