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Thank you for your order and congratulations on the creation of your durable power of attorney form, we truly hope it serves you well.

We want to help you create an iron-clad agreement that will hold up in court if need be. So we would like to remind you that when signing this form each line has a space for the principal’s initials and under California law, each power granted needs to be initialled in the spot provided.

If ever you need to prove your document is authentic (or some brokerage firms and banks may ask to see the original), it is widely accepted that if the form is filled out in blue ink it is the original copy.

Would not hurt to do so.

Signing two copies at the same time also allows the agent and principal to both have their own original copies.

Thank you again for purchasing your power of attorney form with us.

We hope it serves you well!

Leif Croonquist
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For those that need more specific control, we have created the "detailed form", answer several questions to specify every single power you grant, include or omit entire grouops of powers.

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